Friday, 25 December 2009

Your money or your . . . erm ship?

So today is Christmas, and I have been online so I guess that makes me pretty sad.

Anyways, enough of that. Yesterday evening a casual gang was going, skipping over the details I'll focus as per usual on the fun things that happened.

First we have a Coercer, the pilot didn't seem to understand that by jumping into low-sec space concord would not protect him. Local chat was entertaining with his comments while we held his pod. He was sent on the Pod express to the clone bay eventually though. The Pod mail seems to be missing for some reason, perhaps it will turn up one day!

The next event was scanning down a mission runner in a Hurricane. He certainly was taking his time about the mission too. So it was that five of us piled into his mission and took his ship rapidly into structure. Halt dps was called and the last shot fell bringing it to around 70% hull. The pilot was offered three options:
1. Pay 50m isk to save his Ship & Pod.
2. Eject from his ship and leave the area.
3. Sing us a song on EVE voice.
The pilot chose ejection, he didn't have the 50m to pay so it was that one of our pilots docked up and returned to claim the prize. As it would have been rude not to, I picked up all the meagre misison loot while waiting out my GCC.

Today I have been off and on sporadically. Decided today was the day to make a run to Jita to sell some loot. Early this morning Kirith was lucky enough to get on a Firetail kill, even if I was in a cheap ratting ship it still contributed to the kill.

It's been pretty quiet online, but I'll be about tonight again I think so we'll see what shows up.

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