Thursday, 10 December 2009

How Jump Clones Work (For newbs like me)

The Tuskers have a couple of bases of operation in the galaxy and I also have my "home" system which I'm fond of so I thought it would be great if I could easily avoid travelling ~40 jumps to get there, then another ~40 back should I choose. The answer; Jump Clones

For a few days I have been looking at Jump Clones and their workings. I was loosely aware before doing some research into the subject of what they were for, but had no idea how to get them, set them up and use them. Well now I think I have worked it out (please let me know if any of this is incorrect and I'll change it).

- You need to have trained the skill Infomorph Psychology to at least level I. Level I lets you have one jump clone, level V lets you have five jump clones.

- To get jump clones, you or your corporation need to have standings of 8.0 or better with the owners of a station which offers cloning services.

- You need 100,000isk for each jump clone you wish to purchase.

By far the easiest way to get the standings for jump clones is to join the Corporation "Estel Arador Corp Services", which is free. This corp has excellent standing in many parts of the galaxy. To join this corp you need to:

* Right click your portrait in the local chat frame and select "Quit Corporation" then "Remove all roles & grantable roles".

* Wait 24 hours for the roles to clear.

* Apply to join "Estel Arador Corp Services". You can find them using People & Places -> Corporation search -> Estel Arador Corp Services -> Right click & show Info -> Apply to join

Once you are a member of EACS:

1 Check out the list of stations here: Linky
2 Fly to the station you want to install a jump clone in.
3 Click on the Medical Bay
4 Choose the right hand jump clones tab
5 Select install
6 Confirm the payment of 100,000isk
7 If you want more jump clones, fly to another station from the list and repeat steps 2-7. You cannot install 2 jump clones in the same station.

You can use the clones as soon as they are installed, but can only clone jump once every 24 hours. Each jump clone is initially devoid of implants, though you can install them and they retain them as normal until podded. You can only install the implants when the jump clone is "active". You don't need to keep the jump clone in the station that it is initially installed in, it works just like your normal clone and you fly around just as normal and can leave it wherever you choose. NEVER however clone jump from one clone to the other in the same station as one will be destroyed and lose implants.

Once you have your required number of jump clones, it's time to re-join your normal Corp and go about your business.

I have trained Infomorph Psychology to III and this is how I will deploy the clones:

Undisclosed System : Heimatar
Undisclosed System : Molden Heath
Undisclosed System : Verge Vendor

With these in place and appropriate ships and modules at their locations I can jump around as I see fit and avoid making any (more) silly mistakes getting out of a camped station by simply clone jumping somewhere else. I'll also have a mobile clone which I haven't found a home for, Jita perhaps!

I haven't done all of the above yet, I'm waiting on role cooldown before joining EACS and I still don't have the hardware in place in Molden Heath yet (nor the isk to put it there).

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