Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Learning: Using a Titan Bridge

Another learning opportunity I had recently which I wanted to share with you. Again on the same basis that I’d never done this before I can assume that a number of you out there have never done this before either, well unless you spend most of your time in null space I imagine.

A little while ago I was invited to a fleet. Once in the fleet we were advised that we would be using a Titan to bridge to another system. One of the fleet members was kind enough to acknowledge that there were pilots in fleet who’d never encountered a Titan before and advised us that in order to jump using the Titan we should right click the Titan.

It was also reinforced NOT TO BUMP THE TITAN!

Now as the process is a bit vague I figured that I’d clarify a bit:

• You need to wait for the order to jump, this will be given once the Jump Portal Generator has been activated.
• You need to right-click the Titan.
• Click Jump through Titan to “system you are jumping to”.
• Voila, you have now Titan bridged.

I hope this is helpful should you ever come across an occasion where you need to.

Also for the record, no The Tuskers don’t have a Titan!


  1. Don't forget the "Keep at range - 2000" and don't MWD toward it to avoid bumping.

  2. Dammit, meant to put a comment in about the activation range too!

  3. Yeah - don't mwd towards the titan; the titan pilot can get quite upset!