Thursday, 17 November 2011

Navigation Skills

Recently I reached a landmark with Kirith’s skills. That landmark is that he has now trained all of the Navigation skills to V, with the exclusion of the Jump Drive skills.

Those Navigation skills at V and the benefits gained by them being at V are:

- Acceleration Control (25% bonus to Afterburner & MWD speed boost)
- Afterburner (50% bonus to Afterburner duration)
- Evasive Maneuvering (25% improved ship agility)
- Fuel Conservation (50% reduction in Afterburner capacitor need)
- High Speed Maneuvering (25% reduction in MWD capacitor usage)
- Navigation (25% bonus to sub-warp velocity)
- Warp Drive Operation (50% reduction in capacitor need of initiating warp)

To achieve the skills above, you’ll need to assign 4,096,000 skill points.

There are only three additional Navigation skills available at the current time, which Kirith has no plans to train:

- Jump Drive Calibration
- Jump Drive Operation
- Jump Fuel Conservation