Saturday, 26 November 2011

Pirate Meetup

A little while ago a bunch of pirates tried to organise time to be out of there spaceships to have a meetup in real life. Pirates being notoriously reliable types resulted in fewer turning up than was hoped for, however that didn’t stop the four of us that did turn up having a right good time in London.

Thanks to Wensley, Causticum & Overnauta for coming along, it was great to actually meet the people behind the avatars.

And, something like this wouldn’t be complete without a photo, courtesy of Causticum.

1 comment:

  1. Gutted that I missed this. Lost my job a few days before this was scheduled :( That didn't put me off as such but on the morning of the event something else cropped up and gaaarrrrhh. You know how sometimes irl swamps you too much.

    Anyway, I heard the op was a success and I will be looking out for the next meet. Now that I know you don't all look like axe murderers.