Tuesday, 3 January 2012

December 2011 Character Review

Happy New Year!

With my recent move in real-life my game time ceased early in December, knwoing that this was coming I managed to squeeze in a few days play before my internet connection was severed. I'm still waiting for my phone line to be installed, the joys of the provider postponing my install date due to additional cabling works required (you would have thought they would factor this into the original install date, no?).

Let's have a look at Decembers stat's:

21 Ship kills (20 solo)
10 Pod kills

2 Ships lost (both in solo situations though I got my loot back from a Rifter I lost)
0 Pods lost

57,131,745 isk income from ships destroyed
65,000,000 isk income from ransoms, including someone who paid me 50 million to not attack him while running a storyline mission!

8,554,144 isk cost of losses

113,577,601 isk 'Profit' for the month

Considering that I only actually played on about 4 occasions, I consider that I did really well in December. In the month I lost a Rifter taking on a Jaguar, retrieving my loot after I undocked a Hurricane and nuked the offending Jaguar who hadn't looted my wreck. I also lost a Rupture taking on a Drake, which in hindsight was a poor idea, the pilot however took pity on me and transferred me a 25 million isk for my loss.

A partilcular kill this month was fairly spectacular, qualifying as an entry for the corporation monthly competition for kill of the month. I killed a PVP fit Arbitrator in my Breacher. Whilst the pilot, Asterix the Gaul is fairly young, he's taken the scalps of a number of the locals who've dared engage his deadly Cruiser. I decided to pit my Breacher against it so that I could stay outside neutralizer range, whether I could survive his Drones was the key deciding factor here, and he came equipped with four flights of Drones. The Breacher is microwarpdrive and long point fit, but through the use of a faction MWD it's cap stable and can buzz around at high speed permanently. Needless to say, it was a hairy engagement but through much overheating I took out the two flights of light drones, at the expense of my entire armour. The medium drones were much more comfortable to handle and destroy before finally laying waste to the ship itself.

I've spoken with Asterix a few times and he's a capable pilot, only interested in PVP and flying ships that are cheap to lose, hence the total lack of tech 2 and high meta fittings. He also sits within a starter corp, a ploy to attract people to engage him. When asked about his moderate negative security status he replied that he couldn't resist attacking a killing Socratic who just wouldn't shut up one day!

Skill distribution looks like this:

With Propulsion Jamming V done on 31st December, the Rifter Plan is finally complete and decisions on what to train next have been taken. The first skill in the queue is Assault Ships to V, once that's done I think I'll skill up Minmatar Battleship V and Large T2 Projectiles for some heavy hitting firepower & also opening up tier 3 Battlecruisers. After that, well I have some ideas....

Christmas presents for my characters will include a Stabber Fleet Issue for Kirith, once I can decide on a setup I like. I've also bought my mission running alt a full set of +5 implants as they safely reside in high security space knocking out level 4 missions.

Talking of the alt accounts, 232 million isk profits made through station Trading. Much lower than normal but then I only did 5 days trading. I did profit nicely from the introduction of the tier 3 Battlecruisers.

I may take a look at the year gone by and how things have changed for Kirith in  future post and it would be nice to set him some goals for the coming year.

Fly Dangerous o7

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