Saturday, 7 January 2012

Unsavoury Practices

Some time ago, a few bloggers wrote about the practice of killmail whoring which struck something of a chord with me. Since then I've been meaning to do a post on the very same topic, however I've chosen to expand my post to include blobbing too.
I have noticed since returning from my EVE break that a number of people have outspokenly commented in game when I've been looking for fights to the effect that you'll never get a fair fight against a Tusker and that there's always a blob just waiting on the other side of the gate.
I don't really know where this perception has come from but based on the number of people who comment it's fair to say that it's a widespread rumour. I guess that to some people two vs one can be a blob whereas to others ten vs one is a blob. Depends on your perception I guess.
On occasion total overkill can't really be avoided, there are just times that someone will be unlucky and jump into a small gang and get popped. At other times, with around 100 members based out of the same station there are going to be frequent occasions where there will be more than one Tusker at a time in the systems up to 4 jumps from Hevrice.
Generally though the Tuskers has a lot of lone gunmen (solo pilots). And whilst there might be three in system with a target they are probably acting independently albeit all three may be chasing the same catalyst in belt IV! What I'm getting at with this is that sometimes overkill happens without intent, which leads me nicely onto....
Killmail whoring....
Whilst overkill does happen, and can be legitimate there are times when it just shouldn't if fair etiquette is observed. So, if I land at a target and another Tusker is engaged then I will not engage, sure I may lock the target but not activate offensive modules. Typically unless it's obvious I will ask my corpmate if they would like assistance. If not then I'll move on.
Not all pilots do this, and i personally find it pretty irritating and poor form when someone whores the mail just to get themselves on a killmail.
A particular kill of a missioner springs to mind from a few months ago. I'd probed his mission, warped to it and caught the guy. Another corpmate enters system and wants to get on the kill, I'm dumbfounded that he joins my fleet, warps to me and proceeds to whore the mail of my otherwise easy solo kill!
I am at heart a solo pirate and as such I feel particularly aggrieved when someone wants to piggy back on my efforts to pad their stats.
Just so you know, I'll avoid where I can going overkill and killmail whoring. If I have the option to ship down/up to present a fair fight to fight someone, then you can bet your ass I will!


  1. Well said mate. I always expect good 1v1's from Tusker doods. If I am unfortunate enough to run into an organised gang I would also expect them to make mincemeat of me. Same goes for any gang really.

    I would have been so mad if that whoring onto mission kill happened to me.



  2. I have found the same problem in Heretics sometimes but it is something that happens when you are in a corp large enough.