Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Solo Roaming in Battlecruisers

Kirith is for the most part a solo-pirate, rarely working in gangs. It's certainly not that I don't like to, I just don't have the opportunity to be online when they are are taking place. A fair proportion of Tusker Fleets that do terrorise the spacelanes include Battlecruisers and they are lets face it, a staple of low-sec piracy.

Kirith spends most of his time sat in Frigates, not Battlecruisers but nevertheless keeps a stable of them dotted around various systems. By spending most of my time in small ships I feel/know that I am missing out on some targets.

When I exclusively flew Frigates I always felt that bigger ships were really slow and cumbersome and to this day I have always been reluctant to fly them as I perhaps mistakenly was convinced that I would constantly be getting caught on gates.

I now feel that I want to start flying Battlecruisers more in solo situations and doing more roaming. But that then poses the question of which one and with what loadout?

This is where I hope that you, my pretties can help me. Which Battlecruiser do you think is the 'best' for solo roaming in low sec and why?

Personally I fly Minmatar and Caldari Battlecruisers and I'd be lying if I didn't say that I preferred the Drake of the BC's that I do fly , I don't believe though that the Drakes I fly are optimal as solo boats so I'm trying to work up a better loadout.

Anyhow, any pointers greatly appreciated!


  1. Fly the podla drake but keep a couple of spare mods in the cargo hold. I keep another invuln, tracking disruptor and web in my cargo so that I can quickly dock and switch if the situation arises. Sulei has had great success with his drakes recently and his fits change frequently.

    Then again if they nerf the drake then who knows...

  2. Cyclones? XL shield booster and large variety. Also, Ferox dual 180's and xlsb. I would also say autocannon myrmi is a popular choice.

    All active tanks. I think they give the most chance of engaging gangs but obviously you are at the mercy of some nasty neuting but meh, live life on the edge :)


  3. It's really mostly Drakes and Canes in the nano department unless you can use large guns and field a Tier 3 BC.

    Then there is also shield buffer Brutix, dualrep Brutix, dual- and triplerep Myrmidon, plated Cane, plated Harb, HAM Drake, all of which more or less force you to commit to a fight.

  4. AC Cane and Nano-Drake are fun solo boats. Though it is definitely worth using a scout so you don't die to gate camps.
    Dual web armor Cane is also fun for catching stuff on gates (but OMG it is slow!).

  5. Just about all the bc's are great for solo.

    Nanodrake, Hamdrake, Shield cane, LSB Ferox, Cyclone, Brutix, Myrmidon. I've flown all solo and loved them all.

    I would just pick what seems most fun and best for your playstyle and go with that if you only want to start with 1 or 2 different ships.

  6. AC or Arty cane for me. I do fly the XL SB Cyclone, which illicits much hilarity from my corp mates. At least the cyc is never primary!