Monday, 16 July 2012

The New Player Experience.......

This should have been the review of the third part of the new player expereience and the second Career Agent.

Sadly the person who was enthusiastic abouth this initially at CCP has gone stone cold quiet and not replied to either my Twitter message or in game mails as the trial account I was using has expired, I had however appraised them earlier on that it may not be completed in time and also received no response.

As such I'm unable to complete the review and apologise to anyone who was following the series.


  1. Hey Kirith, I'm a new player to EVE and just purchased it. I want to be a pirate, could you please contact me somehow, I really want to get off in the right direction. I'm very enthusiastic about the game and quite fond of PVP. Could you please guide me with the basic pros and cons of the CURRENT pirate situation as all the guides etc. I found on the internet seem outdated and I really want to know firsthand from an experienced pirate what the scene is like ingame rightnow. Also could you please guide me as to what skills to invest in, I really don't want to wait more then 3-4 days before I can start some PVP. Looking forward to your reply, Adi.

  2. Hey,

    Thanks for the other one too, I've not published it to protect your email address.

    It's pretty straightforward to get into piracy really, its more of a mindset adaptation thatn anything. What faction did you choose?

    I can help you with some basic information, but couldn't really point to all of the guides that are out there. Wensleys Rifter guide is a great starting point though.

    There is nothing to stop you diving straight into pvp, but you have to balance this by saying that your target selection when you are low on skillpoints will be far more restricted.

    Best way to contact me is in game, to Kirith Darkblade.

    Sadly I get little time in game at the moment but will help if and where I can.