Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Which Battleship?

A very quiet couple of days for me, seasonal workload and commitments plus being away last weekend meant that I haven't had much time online again. I did catch a couple of kills, a Catalyst who foolishly shot at me while I was trying to get a Thorax at a gate to shoot me (the Thorax warped off)and an Amarr Shuttle that was sat on a Faction Warfare complex gate for some odd reason, yeah a SHUTTLE! Go me . . . ;)

I have been thinking lately that I should train up a Battleship for nuking things like POS's, not for roaming piracy. We're talking pretty basic fit for the time being. What I would be interested to hear is which Tier 1, non-faction Battleship gives the best sustained DPS. I'm not fussed if it's not Minmatar. If you have a recomendation of a fit to match your suggestion of ship then that would be super!

After my comment about being very poor in the isk stakes I stumbled into a faction rat cruiser yesterday that dropped me a Faction medium armor repairer & a Low Grade Snake implant. Once sold, these two will go a long way towards that Battleship, so I look forward to hearing your comments.

PS, everyone have a nice Christmas if I don't post again beforehand


  1. Do you mean tier 1 battleship or tech 1 battleship? 'Cause they are very different beasts.

    Out of the tier 1 battleships (Armageddon, Dominix, Scoprion, and Typhoon) the Dominix and Typhoon are the two standouts with the Armageddon being considered pretty good. The Scorpion is best left to foolish people who still thinks it can participate meaningfully in fleet combat. Typhoon requires more training though to reach its potential than the Domi.

    If you're talking Tech 1 battleships, for POS bashing consider any well trained battleship adequate (except scorp) with the Abaddon, Megathron, Rokh, and Tempest being popular. (Maelstrom with current projectiles might be good too).

  2. Thanks for the comments. I was meaning Tech 1 Battleships (my bad). I wondered if any of them typically had a far superior damage output, but it sounds like once trained properly they are all pretty similar without a clear leader.