Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Cost of the Language Barrier

I catch quite a number of Pods in game.

Where possible, so in 90% of occasions I will attempt a ransom unless the pilot is on a trial account (as they cannot pay an isk ransom). In probably half of these attempts I am thwarted by the laguage barrier due to:

- Their failure to understand the offer of a ransom.

- My unwillingness to spend time on Google translate.

Take if you will this example: I recently caught the Pod of a Vexor pilot who had been ratting after I removed his vessel. On attempting ransom he replied in Russian. As he was an old toon and the system was otherwise quiet I used Google translate. Sadly it didn't suffice and after I'd used a translated message he simply went stone cold silent.

Waiting a couple of minutes and having received no reply I podded the guy. His subsequent Pod mail revealing a set of +5 implants.

Wouldn't it be helpful if there was some tool available that helped in these situations? Maybe some stock phrases in multiple languages?

If I get the time one day I'll do so and post it here. In the mean time I'll carry on amassing frozen corpses!

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