Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Renewed Commitment to Roaming

A post I drafted back at the beginning of March.

I had grown pretty lazy a while ago, finding myself rarely leaving the comfort of my favourite system of Adirain aside from going back to Hevrice to change ships before returning to such familiar territory.

I'd also by doing this distanced myself from my pirating roots. Once I'd come to this realisation I vowed to myself to do something about it.

Several months on I've been good and spent much less time simply sat in Adirain and drastically more time roaming. For the most part I roam around 15 or so systems forming something of a circular route.

I do still get many fights in Adirain but have expanded my area of operation and plan at some point to spend holidays back in Heimatar roaming my old hunting grounds. I just need to get myself organised with the logistics, though that'll be much easier when I have my alt flying a carrier!

I'm really enjoying roaming more than I have in a very long time and finding some fun fights along the way. I commend any readers to give it a go, pirate or not. Low-sec really isn't camped at every nor even most gates.

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