Friday, 25 May 2012

Unexpected Escalation

Some time ago, before I lost it I was flying around in Mallet's Mallet, my Cyclone.

I had located a missioning Talos and brought in my probing alt to find me a warp in. Within minutes I had a warpable hit and my Cyclone landed within 10km of the fearsome Gallente Battlecruiser.

I gained point on my unsuspecting prey and started to quickly take it down whilst taking little damage myself. Then something I didn't expect occurred....

First, a Helios decloaked right next to me followed within moments by a Drake. Not wishing to look a gift-horse in the mouth I locked up both of my new companions whilst I finished off the Talos. My point was then applied to the Drake with my drones and guns on the Helios which practically instapopped.

The Drake wasted no time tackling and engaging me. My active tanked shield boosting Cyclone tanking his damage fairly well with him making maybe 5% progress past what I could repair back with each volley. I reloaded to EM ammo in my guns and launchers after polishing off the Helios and set about his inevitably buffer fit Drake.

Progress was slow but steady through his shields, overheating my invuln to stabilise the progress he was making against my active tank. The overheat paid dividends and I was soon well in control of the damage restoring comfortable tanking of his damage. My cap booster was nowhere near running out of charges so I became confident that I was going to emerge victor.

Soon after his Drake was a smouldering ruin and the pilot sped his pod to safety. I had the old adrenaline shake back and savoured its short lived effect. I had though to myself when the Drake landed oh crap I'm gonna die but the much underrated Cyclone proved her mettle despite my low expectations.

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