Friday, 4 May 2012

What's in Your Hangar?

Following on from the esteemed Rixx Javix, Drackarn & Jester here's what's in Kirith's hangar. Finding it very interesting to both what's in others hangars and how they name them!

Assault Frigates

2 x Hawk (“Raven Guard”)

5 x Jaguar (“Lucy”, “Minnie Mouse”, “Prize”, “Tourniquet” & “Grifter”), Minnie Mouse has been with me a long time, dating back to when I could first fly AF's if memory serves! Prize is only partially fit and I won in a lottery run by a corp-mate. Tourniquet would have to be the most enjoyable Jaguar fit that I use.

2 x Vengeance (“Pookie”)

1 x Wolf (“Kitten Face”), a nice balance of fearsome DPS with some staying power.


2 x Cyclone (“Boosters & Ignition” & “Mallet’s Mallet”)

4 x Drake (“Centurion”, “Poodle 3”, ”The Spaniard” & “Welsh Green”) Centurion is designed to tank gate guns all day long and some may argue is more of a PVE fit. Seems almost obligatory to have a PODLA fit in there too. The Spaniard has a bit of an oddball fit and is a test bed that I’ve rarely used so far.

4 x Hurricane (“Bingowings”, “Thrudd”, “Tinkerbell” & “Tunguska”). A veritable mix of fits here. Surprising factoid is that Tunguska was my first Hurricane and that it still lives is miracle!

2 x Tornado (“Banzai” & “Thumper”). Short and long range variations.


1 x Abaddon (“Dr Thermaplugg”). My neuting Abaddon, you can guarantee that now I’ve got one I’ll never be online the next time Tuckers find a Carrier to kill!

1 x Maelstrom (“The Eye of Chaos”). A little bit of pimp in here, not much though as you know I’m pretty averse to it.

2 x Tempest (“Duellist” & “Zippy”). One shield and one armour tanked.


2 x Bellicose (“Fatso 2” & “Torchwood”). Stupid comedy fits on both.

1 x Blackbird (“Malice”). Never actually flown it!

7 x Rupture (“Severina” & “Sevora”). Armour and shield tanked versions for brawling & kiting respectively.

1 x Scythe (“Low Sec Miner”). Obvious is obvious, sadly not a great fit due to the lack of a web on it. May change this sometime.

5 x Stabber (“Pointy Stick”). Not a lover of kiting so this is still the first five Stabbers I bought when I got Minne Cruiser V.

2 x Stabber Fleet Issue (“The Modded J Bomb”). Very enjoyable fit to fly. 1 of them isn’t fitted yet.

1 x Cynabal


5 x Thrasher (“S&M Freak”, “Arthur”, “Squeal”). Shields, Armour & Arty fits. Lacking a suicide ship so must address that presently ;).


4 x Breacher (“Stupid Idea”). As per the name. Claim to fame was killing a pvp fit Rifter in one of these up close brawling ships…

2 x Burst (“Minor Challenge”). Noob killer tbh.

1 x Caldari Navy Hookbill (“Phish Food”). Fitted up and never yet flown.

1 x Cruor. Not yet fitted due to inability to use lasers.

1 x Dramiel (“Evil Bastard Reborn”). Rarely flown but takes me back to its highly successful predecessor.

1 x Griffin. Partially fit.

1 x Imperial Navy Slicer. Not fit yet for the same reason as the Cruor above

1 x Merlin (“Trigonometry”). My current weapon of choice, uses projectiles as I cannot use Hybrids.

1 x Probe (“Prober”). Another noob killer, would like to test against a regular Frigate though!

1 x Republic Fleet Firetail (“Private Pile”). My one and only ever Firetail. An unusual but effective fit.

27 x Rifter (“200”, “Cap Boosted”, “Cookies!”, “Demon 2”, “Green Giant”, “Grumblecub 5”, “Grumblecub 6”, “Hobbes”, “Kaned & Unable”, “Lightbulb”, “Make do & Mend” & “Sheelds”). So many Rifters, 200 & Cap Boosted get renamed before undocking and are named to help me identify what variation they are.

2 x Slasher (“For Lols”). Noob killer again.

5 x Vigil (“Speeddo”, “Teh Weirdo”, “Whoosh”). So fast they’re daft.

1 x Primae


1 x Claw (“Griphook”)

1 x Crow (“Black”)

1 x Malediction (“Fear & Malice”)

3 x Stiletto (“Jog On”, “Slowpoke”, “Tada”). Solo & gang fits in here.

1 x Zephyr

1 x Minmatar Shuttle


1 x Drake
3 x Thrasher
11 x Rifter
1 x Wolf

123 ships in total! Fittings and rigs for all of them, I wonder how much isk I have invested in ships?

What's your hangar look like?

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