Saturday, 12 May 2012

Threat Assessment

During my life as a pirate many people have implied that I just drop lucky with targets and/or comment along the lines of why they "don't find those targets".

Well over the course of time I think that I have stumbled across an answer.

You see, I don't believe at all that they don't find the targets or certainly that they don't come across them.

I do believe that when they do find that Hurricane in a belt they have a penchant for believing that it's a trap or that the pilot will have fit their ship effectively.

I on the other hand rarely assume a ship is bait, though I obviously understand some are and I usually will assume that most people have not fit their ship very well. As a result of this I'll generally engage that Hurricane in my Rifter, or that Navy Dominix in my Jaguar and I'll either get the kill, escape or sometimes lose my ships in a good fun fight.

So many times someone will assume that X target isn't worth engaging in Y or that something is bait or a trap. Stupidity is highly prevalent in EVE pilots, take that chance unless you are certain and don't be led by assumption.

Whilst I have identified many people who overestimate or are over cautious in Corp there are some, like me who are crazy enough to take those chances. Here's looking at you Valgore!

Without this approach I never would have engaged a Drake last week who was ratting in Heydielles, right next door to Old Man Star. Smells & looks like bait/trap but totally wasn't and succumbed to my Merlin (eventually).

I've had this post drafted now for a long time, reading a recent blog post by Azual Skoll reminded me to actually publish it, as it seems he's experienced something along similar lines.


  1. You know this is another thing I have been thinking this last week in Low Sec. I usually fly around terrified and only engage very selectively and as a result I will never see anything like these boats that everyone else finds. So as I get a bit more skilled with the ships and get the right fits I have determined to try and branch out a bit more and give it a go to get in close and try it out with some of these boats.


  2. Even with basic skills, you can catch things. If they can't kill you then you can always ransom them for their release. They don't need to know that you can't break them and they also will never know if you are able to get on the batphone to call for help.

  3. Kirith, your attitude to Eve is spot-on; even more so for those with a slight pirate bent.

    Great post. Timely too.