Saturday, 3 March 2012

February 2012 Character Review

Sorry, to those who like to read these I've not done a review since December.

So, let's start with the statistics by month:

47 Ship kills (33 Solo)
17 Pod kills (14 Solo)
2,640,531,584 isk cost to victims
5 Ships lost (All Solo)
0 Pods lost
208,972,228 isk income from ships destroyed
113,552,109 isk cost of losses
95,420,119 isk ‘Profit’ for the month
34 Ship kills (25 Solo)
16 Pod kills (13 Solo)
9,050,229,138 isk cost to victims
0 Ships lost
0 Pods lost
188,448,608 isk income from ships destroyed
61,666,666 isk received from ransoms
No losses
250,115,274 isk ‘Profit’ for the month
Looking back at the last couple of months and turning a nice profit every month is very satisying, especially February where a profit of 250 million was achieved coupled with having no losses in the month. Admittedly I lost more ships than I would have liked in January! I've now altered my undocking habits a little and having so many ships to choose from have decided to only undock the ships I currently have insured as I have a bad habit of losing uninsured ships.

This is how the skill split is looking as of this morning:

These are the skills finished since the last review:

Assault Ships V
Caldari Frigate V
Amarr Frigate I
Amarr Frigate II
Amarr Frigate III
Amarr Frigate IV
Amarr Frigate V
Destroyers V
Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing II
Electronic Warfare Drone Interfacing III
Interceptors I    
Interceptors II
Interceptors III
Interceptors IV
Launcher Rigging II    

Currently training Interceptors V. Next up I'm going to slot in Cyno Theory as a just in case before ploughing into Large Projectiles up to T2. Since I've finished cross training for Amarr & Caldari ships I've further expanded my hangar with Assault ship & Interceptors so again I've got over 100 ships sat in my Hev V hangar!

I've not done any Trading at all since January, however I did manage to make 332 million isk in January from station trading. It's likely that this will be a sign of things to come and station trading will be an occasional bonus.

Total Ransoms Received: 550,360,662.30
Battleclinic Rank: 489 

Hopefully next months review will be on time.

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