Monday, 12 March 2012

Station Trading Test - Day 1

Following my last post on station trading I've fired up a trial account which I'm just leaving with the default skills to mirror what a second/third character could be on an account. As such they are just going to have access to 5 market orders and start with the entry 5,000isk. We'll see how this goes....

Apologies to my pirate brethren who are likely not to be interested in the slightest in this test for the next two weeks!

Set up buy orders for 1 unit of 4 modules to get me going, couldn't afford 5 modules!

The buy orders were for:

1 x Malkuth Assault Missile Launcher.
1 x Beta Reactor Control: Reaction Control.
1 x Expanded Cargohold I
1 x Medium Atonement Ward Projector.

Leaving these until tomorrow and will report back.

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