Thursday, 15 March 2012

Station Trading Day 2

Sorry, not had the time to make the consecutive posts on this test. So onwards we go:

3 Buy Orders Fulfilled.

  • 1 Malkuth Assault Missile Launcher at 1,154.14 isk.
  • 1 Expanded Cargohold 1 at 605.02 isk.
  • 1 Medium Atonement Ward Projector at 2,159.43 isk.
All 3 items placed on sell orders.


  • Beta Reactor Control: Reaction Control buy order price up by 0.18 isk.
Overall Performance

Total Profit: -100.00 isk.
Daily Profit: -100.00 isk.
Total held in buy orders: 1,100.21 isk.
Stock Value: 3,918.59 isk.
Modification Fees Incurred: 100.00 isk.

Still can't afford to use all 5 market slots.

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