Friday, 16 March 2012

Station Trading Day 5

  • 1 Beta Reactor Control: Reaction Control for 219,969.98 isk.
  • 2 Cold Gas Arcjet Thrusters for 14,995.98 isk each.
  • 2 Beta Reactor Control: Shield Flux at 2,105.04 isk each.
  • Medium Regard Power Projector buy order price up by 0.05 isk.
  • Local Hull Conversion Overdrive Injector buy order price up by 0.08 isk.
Placed sell orders for
  • 2 Beta Reactor Control: Shield Flux.
Placed buy orders for
  • 3 Beta Reactor Control: Reaction Control.
  • 2 Arbalest Cruise Missile Launcher.
Overall Performance

Total Profit: 271,645.29 isk.
Daily Profit: 236,034.16 isk.
Total held in buy orders: 1239,436.84 isk.
Stock Value: 4,210.08 isk.
Modification Fees Incurred: 700.00 isk.


  1. Thanks for doing this. It's showed me that there is something to do with that second character that I wasn't really using.

  2. Yeah, it's unlikely that you'll get rich by just using 5 market orders but it's certainly a nice supplement for little effort.