Thursday, 29 March 2012

We'll return to you after this short message...

Thanks to to my readers who have "put up" with my posts about station trading recently. I know it's quite different from the norm but after two weeks I have run my case study and after this post normal order will be restored.

To review then the station trading case study....

After two weeks of station trading without leaving a station once I made a meagre 1.5m isk. Now this clearly isn't much and wouldn't even buy you a T2 Rifter.

Before simply laughing and ignoring this exercise consider these points:

  • I started with just the basic starting isk, anyone doing this in reality would invest starter capital and massively increase immediate profitability. My two alts on the same account as Kirith have a capital invested of around 35m isk each and use just 5 market orders. They each yield regular daily almost passive income of 2-3m isk.
  • Doing this exercise took about 3 minutes per day.
  • If you did this on your two alt accounts that's pretty much one T2 Rifter per day for 6 minutes work!
Back to normal now, promise!