Sunday, 7 March 2010

Back in the saddle

Well, my week away is over and its back to work tomorrow. Holidays do fly by too fast and I now feel like I would benefit greatly from another week off work to recover if you will.

As I have been away my posting has been rather less than I normally aim for. Given that my playtime this week has been very low I have little for my weekly update.

This is my most satisfying kill of the week, the pilot was working on capturing a Faction Warfare complex after having cleared the rats. Whilst his fit wasn't spectacular it was a very close run fight. His wreck contained nearly 12,000 rounds of Barrage S ammunition so that should see me for a long while. I had the confidence to go after this Wolf after I had engaged one before I went away in Onne and were it not for the untimely intervention of a neutral drake and it's T2 light drones I would have without doubt destroyed it as it survived the fight with just 15% structure. My modules and ship took a severe battering in this fight, here's a screenie of my Rifter after the dust had settled:

I'm getting somewhat of a reputation in The Tuskers for taking out Battlecruisers in my Rifter. In the last couple of days I have upheld the reputation by despatching another Hurricane. The pilot of the Hurricane was unfortunate enough to lose his Pod to me aswell after messing around with ransom negotiations, my patience does ultimately have limits, especially so when sat in a system with many potential hostiles. I did find another pilot ratting in a Drake, but unfortunately was not able to break his tank. Always embarrassing!

As I mentioned in a previous post, the time has come for me to fly something bigger and more useful to the Corp. Along the way I have decided to train for the Thrasher, which I am currently working towards. Picking up the skills to use MWD's, Neuts, Shield Rigs and Shield Extenders which I'll need for the bigger "stuff" on the way. I always save the skill to actually fly the ship to last to make sure I have all the ancillary skills I need to fly it well. All being well I should be behind the wheel? of a Shield buffer fit Thrasher at Destroyers IV on Friday (which also happens to be my 30th birthday!). Might have to go lose the five sat in my hangar on the day to celebrate!.


  1. You know you've had a good fight when you went up against the odds and make it out with just a bit of hull left.

  2. If you're that good in a Rifter, you should be absolutely drooling for a

  3. I have been in two minds over T2 hulls, like the Wolf. Perhaps I'll give one a whirl sometime soon as I do have a loadout I would quite like to test.

    The whole idea of losing a Wolf being five times more expensive than losing a Rifter I have "issues" reconciling :)

  4. I'm not very knowledgeable about the Minmatar ships, so I do not know that the same improvements of T2 over T1 apply, but I suspect they're similar. I grew up in a Merlin. Awesome little tackler. First one I flew had a small shield extender, small shield booster (maybe civilian) and a small armor repper. Woo! My intro to fitting. The guys in the corp that adopted me must have laughed for hours. But I digress. Looks like the Jaguar is a Rifter with more tank, and the Wolf has a bit more tank than the Rifter but less than the Jag, but it fits 4 turrets. Which in my mind makes the Jag more of a tackler/close orbiting ship while the Wolf is more suited for hit and run tactics.

  5. T2 Minnie ships are certainly an upgrade on the T1 variant, the only question for me is are they as effective as say 5 Rifters, would they last as long, kill as much and so forth. Effiency is very important to me.