Tuesday, 2 March 2010

An Introduction

I thought it may be wise, given this blogs recent addition to the EVE Blog Pack to introduce Kirith to you. This will serve to save those of you he might otherwise need to trawl through loads of old blogs to work out who I am, how I got here and what I do. Of course if you still want to do that then I would encourage you to do so to get to know me better

Also, I appreciate that many readers will view this either via your IPhone (awesome aren't they!) & Capsuleer or through a third party application like Google Reader and as such may not visit my actual blog page so I thought I could mention what's there without you needing to go have a look-see.

Without further ado, and I'll try to keep it brief...

In "Real-Life" I'm a 29 year old Accountant living in Cornwall in the UK. I have been playing EVE for around six months, 99.9% of that time I have spent as a pirate in low-sec. Two or three months ago I joined The Tuskers, who for those that live under a rock (not intended as a pun or slur against miners! Though, bring your Hulks & Barges to Hevrice KK?) The Tuskers are a low-sec pirate corp based out of the Verge Vendor region. Kirith flys solo most of the time and for the first six months has only flown Rifters, so I consider him to be something of a specialist in them. Did I say that the miners could bring their Orcas to Hev too? Oh right, yes anyway.

My main blog page contains a little bit of additional information about my recent goings on, such as:

- A Picture of yours truly...
- What my security status is, been true -10.0 a while now.
- How many frozen corpses I have successfully gotten back to my hangar, 73.
- Total of all ransoms I have received. Tuskers always honour ransoms!
- My current Battleclinic ranking, around 1400 I think (too lazy to check)
- The current bounty on my head, NIL after being podded recently :(
- There are links to all my kills in chronological order.
- A list of all my losses.
- Links to all the blogs that I follow.
- Traditional tag cloud.
- Soon to be added are links to all the EVE Blog Pack members

Well, I think that will do for now.


  1. welcome to the pack. Hope we get some good posts from you...and BTW how do Battleclinic guys calculate the rankings?

  2. Welcome on board!! You might want to add a link to the Blog Pack in the above post!


  3. Battleclinic rankings on done on the basis of points, for example if I kill a Destroyer in a Frigate, I get 40 points. If I kill a Destroyer with a Destroyer I only get 20 points. So you accumulate "kill points", deducted from that is the points you have lost. The net result is your current score. This is then compared against all others that have their killmails posted on Battleclinic to get a ranking.

  4. Ah Tuskers, great bunch of pirates. Think I've seen you in local before roaming through the area. Welcome to the pack :)