Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Solo PVP Playlist

A little while ago there was a thread on The Tusker forums asking what you listened to while "pirating". Now when I'm in a gang/fleet call it what you will I do not tend to have music on the background, or if I do I have it on very low volume as it tends to get confusing when your on voice comms at the same time. However, when solo it's a different matter entirely and the volume gets cranked up loud! I thought I'd share my playlist with you;

Age of Love (Remix)

Acension, Someone (Remix)
DJ Misjah & DJ Tim, Access
Hi-Gate, Caned & Unable
Kirsty Hawkshaw, Fine Day (Remix)
Mauro Picotto, Pulsar (Remix)
N-Trance, Set you Free
Placebo, Every You Every Me Also, Cruel Intentions = Cool Film
The Prodigy, Voodoo People
The Prodigy, Speedway
Public Domain, Operation Blade
Rammstein, Du Hast
Rammstein, Feuer Frei
Sash, Adelante
Terrorvision, D'Ya Wanna Go Faster?
Tomcraft, Loneliness
2 Unlimited, No Limit Yes I admit ownership of this song

Do you listen to a specific playlist when online?


  1. My playlist consists of the rhythmic sounds of carebear tears falling to the ground like rain punctuated by the sounds of pod exploding.

    It's quite soothing actually.


  2. You need to add Aces High by Iron Maiden to every and all Eve PvP playlists. Just do it. You'll thank me.

  3. ...and what, no witty comment with 'Run to the Hills' ??

    Can't go wrong with some Maiden though.

    I wonder if I should just do a Maiden only playlist or throw it with some Priest and some old Queensryche(that operatic voice thing)??

    I am lazy and listen more to whole albums than playlists right now - like 'Start with a Strong and Persistent Desire', 'This Type of Thinking Could Do Us In', and 'Lateralus'.