Friday, 26 March 2010

What's in a Name?

Arukemos asks in his recent blog post "So how did a lot of other players out there choose the names, did you just pick a bunch of random syllables and mush them together until you got something that sounded cool, or did you put some thought into it?" I thought I'd answer this for Kirith.

To answer the question I need to do two things, first to explain what I wanted the name to mean to me and two, to pull the two parts Kirith & Darkblade apart.

I knew form the outset that I wanted Kirith to be a pirate. This to me meant that Kirith needed a suitably agressive name that could be remembered by his victims. How do you make a name sound agressive? I hadn't a clue, I'm no literary genius or scholar getting only a grade D at GCSE in English. I drew on the only reference material I had available to me, books & other MMO's that I have played. I knew the sorts of names that the bad guys had and picked some that stuck in my mind and started toying with combinations. I ended up with:

Kirith....In World of Warcraft there is an incredibly long chain of quests, similar I guess to EVE's Epic Arc. Back when I did this before they made the whole game ezmode it was incredibly hard. One of the villains in the chain is called Kirith the Damned and he stuck in my mind. Picture below:

Around the time I created Kirith I had recently finished reading the Malus Darkblade series of Warhammer Novels and had really enjoyed them. Thus I struck upon Darkblade to be Kirith's surname. Picture of Malus Darkblade below:

So now you know how the name was derived. Is there a story behind yours?


  1. Very Interesting and cool. I always find this subject to be curious, I usually ask this of people after I've known them for awhile. Wide range of answers, although it is usually pretty easy to tell the ones that actually come from something, as opposed to the ones that are just made up.

    Rixx Javix, is simple, it is a phonetic version of the capital of Iceland.

  2. Good read, I love how a lot of us get our names from other games we have played.

    I was planning on going with a last name for Arukemos but I could never think of one that worked and I thought that maybe a single name might be a bit more mysterious.