Tuesday, 16 March 2010

The Big Three Oh

Last Friday I reached the grand old age of 30.

I felt I should really buy Kirith a birthday present or two on my behalf, but decisions on what to buy. There are three options that come to mind:

1. A Dramiel, all the rage at the moment. I’d need to do quite a lot of training for it in terms of Gallente Frigate V and about a months Drone skills for me to be happy flying it. This would be fine though, as I will need the drone skills for my upcoming Cruisers & Battlecruisers.

2. A Republic Fleet Firetail, feels a bit like a poor mans Dramiel or a rich mans Rifter with an extra midslot. Whilst the trend is to shield tank these, I like the idea of trying and beefed up version of my cap-boosted Rifter. EDIT: Since drafing this I have received one as a gift!

3. A Wolf, again more skills than I have planned would need to be trained to fly this in the form of Assault Ships to at least IV (probably V).

I haven’t yet decided, other than that I should buy him something.

Some words of thanks must go to my corp-mates who have been very generous with birthday gifts. Gift-wrapped for Kirith have been:

· A Battlecruiser of my choice
· Exotic Dancers
· Jaguar
· Offers to have Happy Birthday sung down Vent, kindly declined :P
· Rifters
· Spirits

Certainly none of this has been looked for, but it’s really nice nevertheless especially considering that I haven't been a Tusker all that long. The camaraderie I see every day is truly something that sets EVE apart from other MMO's that I have played.


  1. Happy Birthday mate!

  2. Even though you are nothing but a stinkin' no account pirate type person... happy birthday!

  3. Ooh, the very shiny EVE gifts make me look forward to my own birthday for once! ^^

    Oh and congrats for being oooollld now.
    I know, I know, "darn kids" and all. Save your breath, gramps. :DD

  4. I was gonna sing you that song, just remember you still got the offer open matey!

    Oh and get that Firetail fitted so we can go roam in them!

    If you do buy a Dramiel, I actually think I will cry...

    Happy birthday man.

  5. Thanks all.

    @Kishin, it's already fitted and gotten its first kill

  6. First, Happy Birthday . . :)

    Second, nobody told me about the receiving of gifts on ones birthday when signing up for Tusker duty!

    Ah .. . . ..


  7. But how can you decline singing corp-mates? :(

    Happy birthday!