Saturday, 27 March 2010

Getting Rich Quick and Quite by Accident


Did I tell you that recently I created a second account? I think I did...

Well, anyway. The second account was made to give me some flexibility to not compromise on Kiriths training whilst allowing me to have a character to haul, a character to mine/mission and a character to probe.

Its early days of course and the first character I am making is a Hulk pilot who is also a small time manufacturer. I have the bonus that a friend of mind is a high sec miner who runs a few accounts which pretty much sit and mine all day, one of these pilots sits in an Orca and I can tag along in the gang and semi-afk mine in his gang taking all the bonuses and the cherry on top is that he does all my refining too at 100% yield.

Anyway, I digressed lol

So I had done some manufacturing and was selling my pile of goods in Rens. My second account active on my other PC while I'm chasing a gang around in Adirain with Kirith. I notice the alts wallet flash and do a double-take on my wallet balance. What was a moment ago 41m ISK is now 227m ISK. My sell order only had around 2m ISK remaining so I was like, erm wtf just happened? Seems someone just tried to buy from a sell order that was set very high and I got the ISK! Woohoo. However it doesn't stop there, as within minutes it happens again and my alts wallet has jumped to 338m ISK! the same sell order but a different buyer. Unfortunately I ran out of products to sell, quite a profitable evening if I do say so myself.

Well, at least now I don't need to save for a Hulk for the miner!

PS. I am still a dirty filthy pirate, but we's all gotta make a living right? Plus its ok because I turn the tables and make an Amarr character my slave and mine for me. Irony


  1. Jeez..... ^_^

    What is the big damn deal with admitting one is also a carebear (well, have a carebear alt)?? To hunt the carebear, one first must BE the carebear - and all of that 'Art of War', zen-like bs.

    Even I have caught this virus to some degree.....though I won't give in to it completely. I want to be able to see most (if not all) of what this game has to offer. That is next to impossible with one toon in a reasonable amount of time.

    Besides, rent has to get paid SOMEHOW.....

  2. You scammer :P

    Out of interest . . what were the items on sell orders??

  3. It was some T1 ammunition that I had manufactured.