Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Kill of the Month: February

Yes I know, it isn't February anymore and no it isn't a typo.

Recently a monthly challenge was started on The Tuskers forums where throughout the month the killboards are scoured and kills are put forward for consideration as kill of the month. Last month my Drake kill in a Rifter was a contender.

There were five engagements voted on:
Tressin takes his toll on a destroyer gang in his Rupture
Bart takes out two Ishkurs in his Vexor
My Drake kill in a Rifter
Sonbalins Thorax snags a Vagabond
Latro takes out a Hurricane & Celestis in a Wormhole

As the votes rolled in it ended up as a a close run thing between my Drake kill with corp-mate SonBalin's Vagabond kill in his Thorax. The votes fell in a my favor and my prize, a shiny Imperial Navy Slicer. Granted I can't fly it but will do one day!


  1. the blog keep at it.

  2. Nice work Kirith, this month is Kishin time though so watch out! I need to go trawling through my kills to see if there is anything worthy but I feel a bit pedantic if I post one up claiming it should win myself haha!

  3. Kishin, I would recommend scouring your kills and posting any contenders. Not everyone looks through the killboards in great detail and sometimes when you do you can't tell the entire story from what is listed. Thus it can be beneficial for the perpertrator to post the kill with a little background.