Monday, 22 March 2010

The Blob

Last night I had my first experience as a part of a low-sec roaming "blob", all I can really say about it is that I really disliked it.

The gang formed was of approximately 25 ships of mixed size between frigate & battlecruiser hulls, predominant were the battlecruisers. It felt so slow and unwieldy (typo?), perhaps my experience was sullied by being a frigate hull.

Until I get into a Battlecruiser to take part at a different level. I do not plan on being part of a "blob" again.


  1. I've been in good ones, bad ones and awesome ones, so many factors involved. Mostly I prefer small gangs myself, or just going it solo or with a wingman.

  2. From my previous experience as well, larger low-sec roams with more then say 8 to 10 ships can be a bit hectic. I perfer the smaller gang warfare when dealing with lowsec roams.

  3. I've been in good BC heavy wolfpacks, with logistics support (both on the logistics and battlecruiser side). They are nice when you want to wreak a lot of damage, but I wouldn't want to fly them all the time. They lack the "art" of flying small craft.

  4. Shere I roam, aka Syndicate BC roams and wolfpacks are the best way to go as they give the best bang for their bucks and provide enough firepower and staying power to last longer than a split-second against some of the bigger blobs we see, as opposed to BS that just attract bigger blobs and no chance at evasion.

    In Lowsec BC's can tank gate guns for a bit and provide enough DPS to have a sustanible fight on a gate, many smaller ships don't so I can understand their use. But if you are more used to roaming solo or flying small ships, a BC gang can seem very ponderous and painfully slow!