Saturday, 21 November 2009

Finally some action

Having yesterday finished my extended roam route, today I followed it. I managed to snag a new player in a Thrasher in one of my old haunts, he did about half shield damage to me by the end of the fight. I caught his pod too and sent him swiftly back to the clone vats as being so young he wasn't worth a ransom & I'm still working on getting the cherished -10.0 security status.

The main event of the evening was catching up with a player running cosmic anomalies in a Cyclone. Some research on Battleclinic showed that this pilot knew how to fit his ships well. The pilot had escaped me earlier in the evening so I decided that I would try my luck anyway. We fought in a system with Faction Warfare complexes and it was at a Large Complex that I found him waiting. Engaging each other I had a flight of horrible Warrior II'2 after me whilst being Nos'd & Neuted. I made the Drones my primary target but already at this stage knew how it would end. Every time I started damaging the drones they were recalled and relaunched. Some small mercy was that his 425mm T2 Auto's couldn't hit me, but alas that they didn't need to and the Drones were more than up to the task pretty smartly dropping me into my escape Pod. I warped out to fight another day. I had a nice conversation with the pilot afterwards and hopefully will fight again some other day.

One other event of the evening that is noteworthy is that along my new route I came across three gatecamps. Being 25, 15 & 8 ships. I don't know whether they were Faction Warfare pilots or pirates but I wasn't hanging around to find out. Being fortunate that there were no Interceptors present I was able to make good my flight from each without being locked. I certainly will be more wary in future.

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