Thursday, 12 November 2009

Kills are like buses

I go a couple of days without a kill then two come along within 5 minutes of each other.

Yesterday I did find myself a Rupture ratting, all was going fairly well in the fight though his drones took a large chunk of armour away, but the damage was manageable as I had all bar one drone down and was working on the last until his two friends arrived. Deciding to scarper rather than engage in a futile fight I warped away as he didn't have me pointed. The pilot was confident that he would have blown me to pieces. Though surely that begs the question of why he called his mates in?

Today I had roamed unsuccessfully until I decided to do one last circuit before calling it a night. Locating a Vexor pilot ratting and after a little belt hopping I pinpointed him and engaged. He was fighting a couple of Angels as I landed within 3km of him and pointed him. He sent his four drones after me so I decided taking them out to be priority, in hindsight I didn't really need to as the hardly did any damage to me. He was equipped with ECM and a tracking disruptor, he did get a succesful ECM jam off on me but didn't warp out or attempt to. As soon as my sensors were online I repointed him and started ignoring his drones as a known and very effective pirate entered the system and I had a feeling I knew where he was headed. I had my warp out point selected then just as the Pirate appeared in a Jaguar I engaged warp and the Vexor exploded. Beautiful timing for the explosion. Parking in a safe spot the pilot of the Vexor mentioned that I was lame for jumping him ratting and that the rats did most of the damage. I say, he should be more careful in future, regardless of who did the damage.

The pirate left the system again shortly afterwards, his departure heralded the arrival of a new player in a Cormorant. Guessing he was headed for belt 1 my scan reported a positive hit and I dived in, landing 10km away I approached, pointed and destroyed the Destroyer very quickly, nailing the Pod too. I had a brief conversation with the pilot afterwards at his request. He didn't realise the dangers of low security space and wanted to know if his ship was really gone. I gave him a few bits of advice so that maybe he is a little more aware next time.

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