Saturday, 7 November 2009


Last night was quiet again. I did find a couple of targets in Tabbetzur system but sadly there were two other pirates in the system from the same corp so I didn't feel like taking the risk of engaging only to find myself under assault from a third party.

Later on I did find a pilot whom I had fought on a previous occasion in a different system. I scanned them down to an Angel complex in the system. Warping in the overseer tower had been destroyed so they must have been in the second room. I headed back to my home base to grab a spare room key that I had in the Corp Hangar before returning to the complex location. Warping directly to the complex I scanned on my way in. I found that my quarry was on scan but not in complex, drat! Sat at the acceleration gate trying to pinpoint their location, they warp in so I immediately engage them. My adversary is in a Rifter and is five months my senior with a pvp fit. The fight is a long one but I prevailed and was rewarded with the obligatory pretty explosion. It took nearly 4000 damage to bring that Rifter down. The pilot escaping easily with their pod.

Checking the killmail I can see the reason it took such a beating to kill the Rifter, the pilot was using a T1 version of the Rifter fit that I was flying. Against other frigates this fit can take some punishment.

Back when I first fought (and killed ;)) this pilot I was flying a Cap-boosted fit, they were in a classic fit Rifter. After the fight they requested my fit, which I obliged in giving and it seems that they liked it and started using it themselves!

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