Thursday, 19 November 2009

Oh so quiet

That about sums it up recently. It's been extremely quiet in my home "neighbourhood" of late. Maybe it is a consequence of my plummetting security status or just other factors. I've also been away on a family matter (18 hours spent travelling by train!) for a few days and thus been offline. Due to these factors my kills have been very few and far between.

My last kill was back at the weekend where I caught a Cheetah with its pants (cloak) down skulking at a Moon in Mateber. I'm sure that they won't make that mistake again any time soon. Unfortunately I wasn't able to carry all of the nice modules that it dropped in one haul and by the time I returned to the wreck it's previous occupant was sat over it in a Sleipnir.

This evening has been another poor night on the hunt. I took the opportunity however to extend one of my roam routes, planting some useful bookmarks along the way. Perhaps in the next few days I'll head out that way again and see if I can find anything, I will just need to be wary as it sends me into Faction Warfare territory.

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