Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Mixed Fortunes

It's a been a few days since my last entry here. Things have been moving apace in life outside EvE which left me playing a lot less than normal.

I managed to bag a couple of ship & pod kills when I have been online. The Thrasher pilot was very surprised at the speed I scanned him down, he died and his pod as he didn't want to pay the small ransom.

The Rifter I bagged tonight, he was new player who didn't see me coming or get a single shot off. Deeming it pointless to ransom his pod I scooped another corpse.

Then my fortune changed. I noted a Jaguar pilot in system and fancied my chances. I did smell a trap as the pilot had followed me from a previous system but I decided "what the hell". I scanned him down to a belt and he engaged me. Yep, definitely a trap I thought. He was MWD and artillery fit so easily kept me at 20km while he hit me and kept me target painted and pointed. Another player from his corp entered the system and soon the belt in a Raven, the Raven wasn't really doing any damage on me but the Jaguar began to. Unable to break free I accepted that this was going to end only one way. I warped my pod out safely and commended my adversaries on a well executed trap. They allowed me to come back and scoop my modules which was nice, and wholely unexpected too.

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