Sunday, 22 November 2009

A little comic relief

Well this morning in another of my old haunt systems there were three members of a corp (Arkane Dominion), now the other week it was two of their corp members who executed the excellent trap on me with the Jaguar and the Raven. A little scanning and checking in history told me that two of these were newer players and one was an older more established player. Scanning located a Rifter, a Caracal and an Osprey. The cruisers appeared to belong to the same player, though this of course could be a ruse like the old priate trap trick of renaming a ship to that of a new player in the system. Through scanning it was determined that the Caracal was certainly mobile. The Rifter had disappeared, I assume docked up. The only pilot I was concerned about was the older one. I scanned the Caracal to a belt and found that it was the older player (bah!), Well I was comitted now so engaged and settled into orbit. Getting his shields down to around 45% before Warrior I's were committed I switched fire to them. The Osprey warped in and shortly after an once I had locked him he warped out, leaving his corp mate to his fate. The Drones went down, but this had given opportunity for the Caracal to recover shields back to 90% as it was clearly active shield tanked. Returning my fire to the cruiser it's shields went down steadily. Armour and structure went quickly too but I needed to reload when he was at 5% structure which was rather frustrating! Guns locked, stocked and ready to rock I took him down in a pretty explosion. The pilot escaping with his pod before I could lock it. I offered gf in local but it was clear that this guy had something to say. The local chat log is below.

[09:31:39] Kirith Darkblade > gf
[09:31:57] Enkious > lolz not really...
[09:32:01] Enkious > i had a rat attacking me.
[09:32:20] Kirith Darkblade > Yes, that made all the difference ^^
[09:32:42] Enkious > um.. ya.. it did
[09:42:55] Enkious > come out come out where ever you are....
[09:43:38] Kirith Darkblade > Yeah, right. Fight on your terms. I don't think so
[09:44:00] Enkious > I did on yourz..
[09:44:06] Enkious > ;p
[09:44:17] Kirith Darkblade > Yes, that's what non-consensual pvp is afterall
[09:44:24] Enkious > it's just a blackbird...
[09:44:30] Enkious > Dun be so scurd...
[09:44:33] Enkious > can't handle the Ewar?
[09:44:38] Kirith Darkblade > Plus your mate in the Wolf who just disappeared
[09:44:51] Enkious > Xander Seven > i would offer to help, but i need to log soon
[09:44:55] Enkious > him?
[09:45:02] Kirith Darkblade > Yeah, him
[09:45:04] Enkious > Enkious > thats ok.. i want to kill him
[09:45:12] Enkious > yeah, hes gone.
[09:45:22] Enkious > would u rather me get the drake?
[09:45:34] Enkious > all tech ii?
[09:45:40] Kirith Darkblade > I don't really care much, as I will not fight on your terms
[09:45:59] Enkious > I only have 3 missle bays on here...
[09:46:10] Enkious > it's not like i can get threw your armor n e ways
[09:46:13] Kirith Darkblade > Bring a T1 frigate and we'll have a fair fight
[09:46:21] Enkious > hahaha you so funny
[09:46:39] Kirith Darkblade > Indeed. I'm a pure comic genius
[09:46:44] Enkious > Enkious' Blackbird
[09:46:48] Enkious > thats what i got on it
[09:46:53] Enkious > Tiz Weak
[09:47:22] Kirith Darkblade > Anyhow, thanks for the loot earlier. I'm off to put it in my hangar
[09:47:46] Enkious > thats fine.. run away like a dog with his tail inbetween his legs.
[09:47:54] Kirith Darkblade > Ok, will do
[09:47:58] Enkious > Thought so..
[09:48:01] Enkious > Kids...
[09:48:03] EVE System > Channel changed to Wiskeber Local Channel

It gave me a laugh


  1. I just love people like that, you kill them and all of a sudden you are the noob runnning away like a

  2. Hey Cyberin.

    Thanks for the comment, it was indeed just as if he didn't quite get that I didn't need to come back and fight on his terms. And as if I wanted to fight his Drake, I was only in a Rifter.

    I don't tend to get much abusive or similar response from pilots in local, granted I try to Pod as many as I can ^.^ so they might not be around to talk back.

    Good luck with getting the kills to support your Tuskers application.