Thursday, 5 November 2009

Surprising new player

Last night was another deathly quiet night in low-sec. Roaming for nearly two hours without finding a soul, as per usual on my way back to base I find myself a target. A new pilot in his shiny new Rifter. Tracking him to a belt, he is canny and makes a run before I am in scram range. Trying to ascertain where he went based on his last known trajectory I select a location and pursue. Unfortunately I had not picked the right one. Scanning around for a minute he disappears off scan. I warp back to the area I had found him before and find him immediately at the belt that he had warped from previously. He really must have wanted to loot his wrecks. I was 20km away so thought he would warp out like before, but I am surprised as we both head for each other. I find myself locked and under fire. We settle into the dance of death and I am doing very little damage to his shields so it's taking a lot longer to break him than I expected. He is actually through my shields before I am through his but I can comfortably rep the damage without issue. I then break his shields and am quickly tearing his armor and structure away. Pretty explosion ensues and his Pod warps away extremely quickly denying me another corpse for the Corp Hangar.

I was quite surprised with a few things in this fight. The speed the pilot got his Pod out, the speed at which he did damage on my shields and the low amount of damage I did to his shields. He had 200mm Auto's and triple Nano's. Perhaps the Nano's made him too slippery for me to hit effectively. Who knows! Maybe this is someones alt character and he knew about getting his pod out safely. I doubt I will ever know.

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